Young Jackfruit In Chili Vinegar, Babagan

Ripe jackfruit can be eaten. The flesh is sweet and crunchy soft. Perfect for merienda, sweets and halo-halo. Surplus supplies can be process to variety of commodities (preserved, jam, and flavorings).

Immature jackfruit can be eaten as well. Get a young jackfruit and cook it as ginataang langka. The material for this should be soft enough to bite. Tough are not good and often inedible.

Have you seen a jackfruit tree? Perhaps you already at least one. If  there is a tree nearby, examine it closely and you will notice the numerous young jackfruits attached to small branches. Those that still have yellow powder like particles. We called it babagan in Tagalog.

Young jackfruits attached to large branches have the potential to grow to immature fruit (for veggies) and to a large ripe giant. Those attached to small branches will fall to ground and rot. Obviously, small branches have no capacity to support one of the known largest fruit.

Those babagan can also be eaten. We love to gather babagan fruits when we were kids. We picked hard to reach ones using a bamboo pole. Stalks are removed then sliced thinly, about two mm thick. Then soaked in vinegar with at least three pieces of chilli pepper.

How about the taste?

To conclude, the taste is not good. The taste is bland dryness. The dryness seems absorbing all the moisture from mouth. You gonna feel very thirsty after every bite.

Soaking it in vinegar chili solution changes the situation. The feeling of dryness can only be felt on the first bite. Then it gets better and better on next bites.

young jackfruits babagan

young jackfruits in chili vinegar

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