The Purple Camote Chips

Violet Pringles. Interesting!

It is made of sweet potatoes. The violet sweet potatoes. Not the plain and not the yellow either. The variety with this color is rare. I am wondering where are they getting tons for mass production.

purple camote chips

It is sweet but significantly sweeter than the natural thing. Camote impression is kinda pale. The purple sweet potato is naturally sweet already. So I was expecting a more natural taste.

It was not Pringles. It is Mr Potato. Mama got it buy-one-take-one. If I was looking, I will never let her get it. Non-food items such as electronic devices, clothing and furniture when offered for sale are definitely old stocks. The same goes true with package foods. More often than not, they are expired or near end of life.

mister potato violet

I am right. It’s June 2018 now. Expiration printed on cylinders bottom are April 2018 and March 2018 respectively.

I’m not blaming the manufacturer for this occurrence. Once the items have been dispatch, taking control is a hard thing. Locally and even more for exported goods.

expiry date 1

expiry date 2

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