Tumbong ng Niyog at Alangang Buko

Buko Alangan – I cannot think of exact English term for this.

The three buko types according to meat thickness.  1) malauhog. The meat is thin and transparent. Scraping it with a spoon is a breeze, even finger can get it with ease. No chewing needed, just drink it like buko juice. 2) katamtaman. The meat is thicker and opaque. The perfect buko taste and texture usually sold in streets and restaurants. and 3) alangan. It is the thickest, has hard chewy texture. Taste is a mixture of both buko and fully matured coconut. The tagalog term “alangan” means in between two stages.

This was a sample of alangan. They said it is best for making bukayo. Eating it with ice cold cow’s milk and a little sugar is very refreshing.

alangang buko

Tumbong ng Niyog, Coconut Pearl

Its taste and acceptability is dependent on size. The size as big as marble sphere up to size of golf ball taste the best, a crunchy soft texture and a mild sweet taste. Properties began to disintegrate as it grows bigger. It becomes softer and more watery. The taste becomes more bland and oily.

sliced coconut pearl

Not a popular food for human consumption. Breaking a coconut just for its sake is rarely done.

I think this one was almost as large as tennis ball. Its taste was slightly sweet and a bit oily. The texture was somewhat similar to Uratex foam, though the fibers are not as strong. Obviously not the best but I still got it for my snack. Sliced into cubes and soaked in cow’s milk.

coconut apple in cow milk

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