Simple Tips For Frying Tofu/Tokwa

Fried tokwa is  one of the easiest food to prepare. As the term  “fry” implies, just soak it in hot oil and wait until it is golden brown. It is really easy for persons who know how to do it right but a disaster otherwise. Tofu will stick to pan and it will end up like a scrambled egg.

Why does tokwa stick to frying pan. Tofu is made of soya which is a rich protein source. Protein is responsible for sticking. The slow process of heating protein turn itself to glue and sticking to pan surface firmly.

Then how can we prevent tofu from sticking to pan surface:

1) Tofu are stored soaked in waters. Drain enough water before frying. If you are storing it in refrigerator, take it out two hour before cooking.

2) Cut to desired sizes prior to cooking. Small pieces are quicker to cook than whole block.

3) Use a clean pan and new cooking oil. Set the oil temperature high enough before adding the tofu.

The theory behind is to set the tofu protein as quick as possible so it won’t have time to stick to pan.

Is your tofu cooking technique still a failure? Use a non-stick pan instead.

fried tofu tokwa on plate

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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