Suncoast Lightwater Plus Electrolytes

Commercial bottled waters are either labeled as purified or distilled drinking water. Then some creative businessman invented the Vitwater, purified water with vitamins. And I also saw this one, the Suncoast Lightwater. I got a bit curious about the term, “lightwater” so I bought one.

suncoast lightwater

For me their bottle is very appealing. It looks big for its size. Big indeed cause its a 650ml bottle. Color combination is very appealing. But it took me couple of minute to read their statement. Here it goes!

If your kinda wondering, the inspiration for lightwater came from the study of tiny plant cells. How they are able to choose, absorb only the purest form of water to make it grow [you can’t see them on the move but they are hardworking bunch deep inside]. Unlike spring water which is just there with animals swimming in it and leaving a trail of unwanted stuffs. Without much of a second thought, we choose to follow our clean green friend technique in removing all the impurities, pollutants [all the bad stuffs in short] found in water. What we left is rejuvenated water just as pure as nature intended. We then add a kick of those amazing electrolytes, potassium, magnesium and calcium [without the sodium aka mr. salt]. This dynamic combo packs a bottle that help tone, soothe, moisturize your skin. Gives your body a deeper, cleaner hydration.

Ingredients are the following: Pure water, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate.

I was really amazed that they are able to mimic the way plant filters water for its own use. Then this product might also contain phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, boron and molybdenum. Those minerals are needed by plants to grow so they will allow it to pass.

It taste like a typical drinking water.  Sorry! My taste buds are not sensitive enough to detect electrolytes.

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  1. ye i bought one also but im also wondering if the water is safe enough to drink cause it says it came in spring waters and some animals are living there, did they think that what if some of the creatures are dead, we all know that dead living creatures deposits bad bacteria. this makes me think that is this thing is approved by BFAD. this water didnt go in any water stages to purify bad bacteria thou it has electrolytes which is better than mineral waters.

    1. It has an approval from BFAD cause no one is allowed to manufacture and sell bottled drinking water without authority’s permission.

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