How They Wrap The Spirally Wrapped Suman?

I am not interested on suman. What I am interested in is how they are wrapping it. I find wrapping the regular suman sa lihiya hard, using a relatively narrower leaf would be harder. I say it is more of an art rather than science, a method that cannot be duplicated by any machinery. Maybe it is only hard for the start and eventually becomes easier as one gets used to it.

suman 1

The outermost covering is a plastic string. Perhaps gathered from a rice sack, the cheapest and readily available source of tie for holding suman wrapping together. It is hugging on four sides and meeting on the center forming an easy to untie ribbon.

suman sack plastic tie

I am guessing this is the tip, end wrap. It is bent and held by the plastic tie. Removing the tie gives access to leaf end which unwrap the food easily and fast. It is way easier and way faster than unwrapping a suman in banana leaves. It is what we call “easy open” in modern packaging. The kind preferred by consumers and taking advantage of by manufacturers.

suman coconut leaf end wrap

I thought it was a coconut leaf broken into halves. It is actually a whole leaf, flattened and stick removed. It was carefully removed not to separate the two parts apart.

young flattened coconut leaf

And, this fold is the start. The packaging is formed by making a fold like this at the start and continue turning the leaf around until a tube capable of holding a raw glutenous rice mixture is achieve.

suman coconut leaf start wrap

Maybe coconut leaves are better suman wrapping. However, they are harder to get, not to mention banana trees are small and leaves are almost within reach.

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