Why Do Meat Turn Sour (Lumpiang Shanghai) ?

I think I encountered it thrice already. The first and the second were grocery bought lumpiang shanghai. The third one was home made.

Why do meat turns sour? There are probably two reasons. The first is intentional and the second is accidental.

We love vinegar that we usually put it to our cooking. Paksiw, sinigang and even pinangat na tulingan. If we got bored of the taste, replacing it with other souring agent works well. Tamarind fruit, young tamarind leaves, green mango and santol fruit during its season. For fried meat and fish, it is usually dip in vinegar concoction (vinegar and soysauce is common). Sometimes marinated before frying. For this reason, some creative entreprenuers are selling them marinated, dinaing na bangus and tapa.

Note: Santol rind can be sun dried and use later souring agent. I find it good, though some are saying it has astringent taste.

It was a little weird when the shanghai rolls I’ve tasted was sour. The seller might have soaked the thing in vinegar before sale. It was okay. I feel it more enjoyable doing the dipping myself though.

The next incident happened when we made the rolls ourselves using the pre-mixed ground meat. The taste was normal during the first frying. The rest was stored in refrigerator for the next day. Then, the sour thing manifested again. I was sure something was not right. The accidental souring probably caused by lactic acid bacteria. We considered it spoiled but maybe not harmful. Spoiled because we do not intended making sour rolls. May still be safe because our stomach were pefectly fine after taking a few. However, please don’t do what we just did.

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