Princess Mia Sinandomeng Special – Cooking and Storage Instructions

Brother told me – If you never know how to cook rice, then measure one cup rice and one cup water and let it boil. Lower the temperature after few minutes of boiling. Turn of the fire when few bubbles are coming out of the cooking vessel lid. And let the cooked rice cool down for few minutes before serving.

However, the one cup rice to one cup water ratio is subjective. Rice of different varieties might require different amount of water. Some absorb more and some absorb less.

To avoid consumer confusion and trial and error, Princess Mia Sinandomeng Special provided rice cooking instructions on sack. They also added the rice storage instructions.

princess mia sinandomeng special

Cooking Instructions (for four persons)

1) Measure two cups of rice in a cooking pan. Maglagay ng dalawang tasang bigas sa kaldero.

2) Wash the rice thouroughly. Hugasan ng maigi ang bigas.

3) Add 2 1/2 cups of water. Maglagay ng 1 1/2 cup tasang tubig.

4) Cover the rice cooker and let it cook until it automatically turns off. Takpan ang rice cooker at hayaang maluto.

5) Let cooked rice stand for 10-15 minutes before serving. Maghintay ng 10-15 minuto bago ihain.

Rice storage

Uncooked rice in bags should be stored off the floor in a dry, clean place. Once the bag is opened, the rice should be preferably be placed in a clean sturdy container with a tight-fitting lit to keep out of dust, moisture and insects. Rice keeps well at room temperature. For extended storage, a cool dark place is recommended.

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