Shing-a-ling Is Made of What?

Who knows what shing-a-ling is made of?

I was in rural bank together with my friend when I saw a snack vendor. One of the snack he is selling is shing-a-ling. This snack is the favorite of my boss when I was working as Student Assistant at Cavite State University. She always ask me to buy some shing-a-aling for her.

I bought three packs of shing-a-ling for 45 pesos. I reserved one for my friend’s wife, another one for pasalubong, then I opened the last pack to eat.

Shing-a-ling is crunchy and spicy.

The shape  and origin of shing-a-ling is quite intriguing. Some say that its made of chicken intestine, isaw. The size and shape resembles the shape of chicken internal organs but its not convincing.

My friend told me that it is made of pole sitaw. The shape and curves really looks like a pole sitaw. Anyone is going to believed that it is really made of sitao.

I still don’t believe that it is made of pole sitaw. Why? Shing-a-ling has hole in the middle. Pole sitaw has seeds. Removing the seeds will break the sitaw apart or a straight vertical cut should be made. Removing the seeds by extracting it from end to end is not possible.

I did some research to find out what shing-a-ling is made of. It is made of thick noodles – pancit miki – dried and fried with some seasoning.

I will try making shing-a-ling out dried miki. I will post the results here.


update as of December 1, 2014

It took me quite a while before updating this article. Panlasang Pinoy and Shing-a-ling Facebook page both have easy to follow recipe on shingaling making.

I bought pansit miki yesterday for 25 pesos. I forgot the exact size, 1/4 kilograms perhaps. The first part of the procedure is drying it under the sun until brittle. No sun is available yesterday and today. I am hoping it smiles today so I continue…

update as of December 2, 2014. You may follow the recipe progress here “How to Make Shing-a-ling / Shingaling

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5 Replies to “Shing-a-ling Is Made of What?”

  1. Our local Filipino markets sell them and their ingredients list doesn’t have any vegetable sources in it. It says … Wheat Flour, Salt, Pepper, Vegetable oil, MSG. I’m not sure if that was all of it but it seems pretty to experiment with since we don’t know the exact measurements of everything. My only guess is it’s a lighter and thinner version of a Funnel cake batter which is poured into hot oil and fried into those curly shapes ?

  2. Good morning FYI I like shing a ling can be translated as Singaling in your language meaning It’s the best also. Shingaling is a very addictive snack I can 4 pack in a row or more. The package indicated Wheat flour but I am not sure if I can used all purposed flour with or without bleach?? I want to experiment it. Please let me know.

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