About Shark Fins, Shark Finning and Shark Fin Soup

Anyone please describe how shark fin soup taste! According to rumors, shark fin soup is not so tasty but commands a premium price.

The  issue about shark finning was covered by the latest episode of Jessica Soho. Sharks are caught using large hooks with a red-looking fish as a bait. Shark catching is not a sure fire business but one catch a day is considered a lucky day. The fin cost 600 pesos per kilogram up to 9,000 per pair. It is served in restaurants as shark fin soup and other expensive dishes.

Shark finning is being objected by environmentalists and animal rights advocates. Many shark hunters are just getting the fins and throwing back the live shark back to sea. The poor shark will not be able to swim, gather foods and will eventually die. A very inhumane way of death.

I thought man should be afraid of sharks! Now, the sharks should be afraid of man!

The BFAR, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources plans to ban shark finning. The plan of action was aired after Jessica Soho broadcast the shark finning issue. Shark is a native food source in some parts of the Philippines so catching and slaughter of whole shark will entail no criminal responsibility. Catching for the sake of fins only will be prohibited. Many never want to sell shark meat cause it only cost 50 pesos per kilogram.

Many are patronizing  shark fin recipes because it is high in protein and calcium. A shark fin is about 80% protein. Claimed to cure arthritis and other diseases. Also, serving shark fin soup is a symbol of high respect to visitors.


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