Rock Salt in Cup of Brewed Coffee

What are the prerequisites of good tasting coffee? There are several factors such as variety, roasting method, age, water and utensils.

Primary varieties are Robusta, Liberica, Excelsa and Arabica. Among the four types, Arabica is claimed to give the best flavor. Robusta is the widely distributed type while the rest are less popular.

Roasting brings out the full potential of every coffee beans. From light roast to dark, the flavors differ.

Coffee flavor deteriorate over time. The gradual loss in flavor and aroma occurs. The presence of oxygen permits the onset of rancidity.

If someone sense of taste is sensitive enough, he can differentiate between water quality. He prefers drinking one kind over the other. Distilled, purified, mineral, chlorinated and spring water will contribute difference on end quality.

Utensils and other coffee making equipment should be washed and dried regularly. Improperly cleaned coffee maker will render the brewed coffee awful.

I met a friend during coffee exhibits. After a few lines of conversation, he told me another prerequisite of a good tasting coffee, the rock salt. He always drop few rock salts in cup. He emphasized that it can make a good cup of coffee superb. The trick can be used for plain coffee or coffee concoctions. It can’t be applied to a bad cup.

scattered rock salt

I tried the trick several times and I could not notice any difference. I guessed my sense of taste is not sensitive enough to differentiate.

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