Color Stability of Red Dragon Fruit in Ambient Condition

My hands is reddish. Oh! Does it look like blood?

red hands

Please do not judge me! I never did anything wrong. I just held a dragon fruit pulp and my hands became red.

These dragon fruits are red variety. I never know its exact species. I tried comparing it on-line but but I am still confused. Ha ha! I am not a good biologist.

red dragon fruit

There are three dragon fruits according to color: 1) The white dragon fruit – peel color is pinkish to red and the pulp is white with numerous dark soft seeds. 2) The red dragon fruit – the peel color is pinkish to red, the pulp is red (as seen in picture below) with numerous dark soft seeds. and 3) The yellow dragon fruit – the peel is yellow but the pulp is similar to white species, white with numerous dark soft seeds.

opened red dragon fruit

They are claiming that red colored dragon fruit is better than white. That is not true for me, it is just a matter of eye perception. Red color foods are more appealing than white. Tasting the two with a blindfold will tell the real taste difference. I have no idea about the yellow variety. I have never seen it yet here.

This dragon fruit is indeed red. I noticed that the extracted juice looks similar to allura red. It can be use as food coloring for cooking purposes. Perhaps for shelf stable foods. I am hoping that red pigment would last for long, at least six months.

extracted dragon fruit enzyme

I will store some extracted juice for observation.

The last picture was taken from Make Dragon Fruit  and Peel Enzyme.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

2 Replies to “Color Stability of Red Dragon Fruit in Ambient Condition”

  1. hi, i just want to ask a few question
    1) how long do we have to ferment it? i mean, what is the maximum duration?
    2) after harvesting, do we keep it in the fridge or at room temperature?
    3) if in fridge, how long does it last? at room temperature, how long does it last?
    4) can it be kept for say, 6 months?
    5) hehe, does the life time have the saying of “the longer u ferment, the better?”


    -tomo arigato, kamsahamnida, toh che, xie xie, kam sia, terima kasih, thank you, nandri.

    1. 1) I fermented it for two weeks but the maximum duration is four weeks.

      2 and 3) I kept some at ambient temperature for the sake of color observation. Color change was noticeable after one month.
      Observations based from other products – red dragon fruit vinegar and wine – color change were observed after one month and turned to yellowish clear complexion after three months. The red dragon fruit jam follows the same color degradation rate but turned brown instead of yellowish.
      No, observations made regarding products stored in refrigerator. Sorry about it! The enzyme I stored for about three months never had a color change. I drank it after that period.

      4) Yes but don’t expect the same deep red color complexion – for jam, juice, vinegar and wine. About fruit enzyme – I is still sound and safe after that period but the enzyme effect is not guaranteed.

      5) The longer fermentation time allows production of more alcohol, up to six percent alcohol for enzyme and up to 18% for wine. The longer aging time, the better the taste becomes. Aging and fermentation are different processes.

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