Gin Bottle | What Products Are In?

Perhaps the most useful bottle for us Filipinos, the Ginebra San Miguel round bottle. It is the bottle for a wide array of products.

The words “Ginebra San Miguel” were embossed around the bottle twice. The “®” Registered symbol can be found near the bottom followed by, “Unauthorized use prohibited”. I guessed those were measures to prevent others from refilling such. Not effective though. Our naked eyes are not sharp enough to see, maybe not keen enough or just ignoring it.

gin bottle

Products carried by gin bottle:

The intoxicating beverage, gin. The company has been producing this glass bottle for this sole purpose.

Unlabeled cooking oil. The first thing that comes in my mind every time I see an empty bottle. It is a cooking oil bottle.

Fish sauce and fish paste, patis at bagoong. A fermented fish product. Fish sauce (patis) is the clear amber liquid while fish paste (bagoong) is the undisolved brown solids. Popular and cheap fish sauces are still pack in this type. The bottle is one of the three containers for bagoong. The two others are small and large long neck bottles.

Vinegar. A sour product created by two consecutive fermentation process. Yeast fermentation then acetic acid production. Popular brands are now shifting to flexible and PET packaging. Unlabeled vinegars sold in larger volumes are packed in recycled Coke bottles. They are often seen via street sides. Majority of commercial vinegars are synthetic.

Soy Sauce. Condiment made by fermenting soy beans. Don’t be fooled by cheap soy sauce brands. They are made of hydrolyzed soy bean protein and might contain MPCD. Actual soy sauce process takes an average of one year.

Fresh cow’s milk. I once bought one from the nearby public market. It was really fresh. The banana leaf plug was still fresh and brittle.

Next items are not food stuffs.

Stripsol. A yellow viscous liquid for removing paints. Brush it on paint, let stand for few minutes, then scrape with sharp object or steel brush.

Plastic varnish. Give every wood or bamboo furniture a natural looking coat. Use plastic varnish. Colors are transparent, light maple and dark maple.

The flammables… kerosene, denatured alcohol, paint and lacquer thinner. Gin itself is flammable too and should be included in list.

The explosive… improvised dynamite for blast fishing. Ammonium nitrate is filled in gin bottle. A fuse is fitted to bottle opening. The fuse is ignited and thrown to school of fish. Dynamite fishing is prohibited by the law, caught violators will be punished.

The contact cement… the previously addictive rugby. Contact cements as of date smell bad – to prevent substance addiction. Bottles packed with this glue are sure hard to clean and recycle.

The lamp… A bottle filled with kerosene is easily turned to kerosene lamp. Fix a few inches of cotton wick and light it during brown outs. Candles is preferred due to kerosene acrid odor and black soot.

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