The Orange Liquor

If fruit of the citrus family could not be manufactured into wine, then what are those  alcoholic beverages named after oranges? The Orange Liquor or Triple Sec?

As I told before, we had experience when almost all of our wine batches became sour a week or two after fermentation. There were even cases when wine for sale were sour too. We had very hard time figuring out the cause, examining our process tree and researching for possible solution.

The wine making project was terminated without giving us a chance to solve our problem. We discovered the cause long after. It was the citric acid that we were adding to the juice mix,(adjusting the acidity to the right level). The citric acid encourages souring of fermented wine. We should have used tartaric instead, which is the recommended acidifier.

Orange liquor is not made by fermenting, sugar and acidifier. Instead, it is made by soaking orange peels in prepared alcohol and distilling three times. Peels are of chosen variety and from what type of commodity the alcohol came from  is unknown to me. Every peel is passed through a mechanical blade removing the white bitter fibers.

Orange liquor is indeed made of orange but not orange juice. This is a great example of supposed to be waste turning to a good saleable product.

These are santunis peels. I am wondering if it could be used for making a Triple Sec like product.

old santunis peels

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