Not Juicy 35-Days Old Broiler Chickens, How To Get Them Free

My mother-in-law gave me a kilo of fried chicken. How generous! A kilo of fried chicken was really something. We ate chicken for dinner, for breakfast, for lunch and again for dinner. Thanks to my mom, all of our stomach worms had a happy meal.

not juicy fried chicken

She was able to gave us a kilo fried chicken because her youngest son is working in a poultry farm. Those chicken are given for free.  Why?

The life of broiler chickens are sedentary. They are confined in a cage to minimize movements. Exercise is a waste of energy – it should be saved for fast chicken growth. They are also fed in continuous manner. Feeds are always available so chicken can feed every time they wanted.

According to our college professor, chicken feeds have a substance that can make the broiler always craving for food. Through sedentary lifestyle and feeding regime, any raiser can harvest the chickens within 45 days. A very short period compared to native chickens. Continues research and development was able to cut ten day raising period, the 35-days old broiler.

Broiler chickens have a very weak resistance to stress. A gun shot near the poultry house is enough to render few broilers dead, due to heart attack. They also suffer stress during harvest. Every dead chicken are quickly beheaded to let the blood flow out. Those casualties are often free.

Do you love free chickens? Go and find a poultry farm and work there!

However, its taste is really inferior as compared to native chicken. Force growth and lack of exercise never allow enough flavor development. My mouth feels very dry every time I take a bite. The chicken serve by many restaurants and fast food chains are the same 35-days old  broiler. I wonder how can they make it yummy and juicy. A lot of chemicals during raising. Are they adding chemicals too during cooking?

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