The Quikeats Instant Rice Meals

Every time I see a food product with “No Added Preservatives” declaration, I am reading its ingredient listing carefully. I want to make sure whether the claim is true or not. Sad to say, most of them are making false claim, preservatives are literally included in list.

Again I encountered another product claiming theirs is natural, without any preservatives added. I have never seen it yet in reality. I read about it from DOST website. The Quikeats Instant Rice Meal. They might really saying the truth. DOST-FNRI is strictly monitoring them.

Manufactured by Five N and I Food Corporation under strict supervision of the Department of Science and Technology’s Food and Nutrition Research Institute (DOST-FNRI), Quikeats Instant Rice Meals are produced using FNRI’s dehydrated iron-fortified rice technology.

FNRI developed this iron-fortified rice technology to help address iron deficiency anemia (IDA) which is still prevalent among four out of 10 and three out of 10 pregnant and lactating women, respectively, according to DOST-FNRI’s Seventh National Nutrition Survey (7th NNS) in 2008.[quote from dost web news]

The product seems promising. Please tell me your experience with this! I will buy immediately when became available in our area.


I saw the product on Facebook.

quikeats instant rice meal on facebook

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