Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Really Has No Preservatives?

I never know if this was only a coincidence. I bought a Minute Maid Pulpy orange and brought it home. Then while browsing the internet, I accidentally saw the Minute Maid Philippines Fan Page on Facebook.

What I noticed was the “No Preservatives Added” declaration. I got confused because base on the bottle that I bought, it has preservatives. The word preservative and stabilizer are clearly written on ingredient list.

minute made no preservative adertisement

I contacted the manufacturer to clear this matter. Here is the copy of our conversation:

You claimed that Minute Maid contains NO PRESERVATIVES. I bought minute maid yesterday and I clearly saw the “preservative” declaration on Ingredient listing. Sodium citrate and stabilizer are also preservatives.

Minute Maid Philippines
Hi Marvin. The new formulation of Minute Maid has no preservatives. May we know where you bought your bottle so we check?

Marvin Vicedo
I bought the 330 ml product from 7-eleven store Indang, Cavite Branch. The code written on label is 25APRIL11 U62213.

Minute Maid Philippines
@Marvin: thanks for the info. We’ll get back to you to confirm, but most likely the bottle you got was from the last batch of the older formulation.

minute maid ingredient listing

From then on, I am regularly visiting the store where I bought the bottle of Minute Maid. I am hoping to find the batch that has no preservatives.

After one month of observation I found a diffent bottle of Minute Maid. The product was imported from Hongkong. It has also preservative, the sodium citrate.

minute maid ingredient form another batch

Sodium Citrate belongs to Food Additive group Antioxidant Synergist and pH-control agents. pH Control Agents are substances added to change or maintain acidity or basicity, including buffers, acids and alkalies. While Antioxidant Synergists are substances used to interact with antioxidants to produce a total greater than the sum of effects produced by the synergist and the antioxidant individually. To conclude, sodium citrate is considered as preservatives due to its preserving effect by pH control and as antioxidant booster.

I am still visiting the store regularly, hoping to find what I am looking for, the Minute Maid with no added preservatives.


Finally I got a bottle of Minute Pulpy Orange with no added preservatives. The no preservative declaration is imprinted on label. Sodium citrate and stabilizer are still written on ingredients list but the word “preservatives” was omitted. Maybe the two ingredients are not considered as preservatives!

yet another minute maid pulpy orange

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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  1. I am requiring and humbly requesting acceptable label and the ingredients for the particular subject mentioned due to i purchasing it in Fiji and i also drank a few zips than later noticed a foreign object floating in Pulpy bottle. Black in color and i got sick afterwards and started vomiting . the least you could provide me with is the Yeast & mould volume in a 350ml bottle and also the pH volume, i would be great full if this message is taken into consideration. please if possible i need it ASAP.
    Thank you

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