Maja Kalabasa

Maja kalabasa. Cool!

maja kalabasa

Maja Blanca has many fans. Kalabasa has too but it is nothing compared to first. Who wants kalabasa for meryenda? Most children reject it even if cooked as veggie. I hated it too before. However, if we transform it to other food items such maja, pastillas and candy. Why not? It maybe squash but it is still a maja. A semi sweet food love by many.

This particular, is good. Maybe better with less squash. The basis for making maja is cornstarch. Roughly ground corn also do well. In fact I like it better because the natural corn taste is still there. I think the one made with natural corn is “duldol”. It has yellow complexion like this and slanted rectangle in shape. Still popular in public market settings.

I experimented with maja making before. About ideal amount of cornstarch. Lesser amount resulted in saggy texture while more had firmer and better appearance and feel. If anyone modified an original tested maja recipe by adding kalabasa. The additional ingredient will dilute the cornstarch network. Extra starch maybe necessary. It cannot be provided by squash. Add cornstarch or lessen the kalabasa. Sounds simple but it may take several trials to achieve the ideal blend.

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