Luyang Dilaw Salabat and Maja Blanca Kalabasa

The tea below is salabat. You might not believed cause the color is different. Color of salabat tea should be transparent to slightly cloudy.

luyang dilaw tea

The tea is a mixture of ordinary ginger and turmeric, luyang dilaw. The image below is the powder before pouring hot water. I cannot sensed any special flavor though.

My better half brought some some luyang dilaw. I will make tea out of it and compare it with ordinary.

luyang dilaw tea powder

Maja blanca are white but may come with variety of colors if added with food coloring. Change of raw material will also contribute to color change such as using red corn and kalabasa.

maja blanca kalabasa

This maja blanca kalabasa has a texture similar to original. The taste is also the same but it has a touch of squash flavor. My son love it. Kalabasa is one of his favorite vegetables.

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