Batutay, Cabanatuan Longganisa

Our overnight stay in Bongabon Nueva Ecija was short but allowed us experienced several things like seeing the view of Siera Madre Mountains and tasting one of its proud delicacies. The garlic infused longganisa.

cabanatuan longganisa

Cabanatuan longganisa, Nueva Ecija longganisa, Batutay or whatever they call it. It is rich in garlic. Speaking of the spice, the popular Ilocos variant has the same. But what separates it from other is the main ingredient. It is made of beef instead of the traditional pork.

Before knowing other details, all I know was, it is longganisa made in the province. It has lots of garlic that force you burp often and make breath smells a little weird. I expected a juicy and fatty feel but I got reverse impression. It was dry, meaty and crunchy. Not a typical longganisa but is very delicious.

This is how they cook it! It is first boiled until water is all dried up. Slice to halves. Then fried until a little crispy.

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