Is This a Variety of Lato Seaweed?

The seaweed in picture below looks like lato seaweeds. Like a piece of string with attached bulbs. This one is smaller than lato from my previous article. The bulbs looks like a round shiny crystals. They are shining when exposed to light. Every branch piece is attached to a larger stalk with very few bulbs. She removed those cause they looked not edible.

It can be used as Christmas lights I think. I wish I could make it last for a month or more hanging on window. Can you?

lato seaweed small version

I tried scanning pictures of seaweeds over the internet. Some authors labeled this seaweeds as lato. I want to confirm if it is really a lato. Please tell me what it is!

The taste is slightly salty. The typical taste of lato seaweeds. Munching it is very enjoyable. It is very crunchy. I can hear the popping sounds of every bulb and feel the juice exuding out. The slight fishy flavor is tolerable as compared with guso variety. Combination of rice and this little lato is awesome and perfect with daing and ripe tomatoes.

The little lato last longer than the bigger counterpart. We prepared the salad lunchtime and it is still well plumb during dinner time. Maybe the peel is thicker and tougher.

I also read that lato only grows in clean water. (Sorry! I forgot the source.) We can be sure that all lato seaweeds are clean and safe to eat. Do not hesitate to try it. Eating seaweeds is good for you.

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  1. this is called caulerpa racemosa. and it is a variety of lato. this one has smaller stolons compared to the other variety which is caulerpa lentillifera

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