Cashew, Pieces of Information

It was our second time in Palawan. Hello again kasuy!

Other than its main commodity, cacao is becoming popular crop in the province. Government authorities, NGOs and some big private sectors are joining together to populate Palawan and the whole country with the in-demand cacao tree.

cashew seeds

We did lecture and demo of cacao processing on the first day and participated in cashew processing on the second day.

When we said cashew, we often refer to nuts. The cashew apple is often neglected and it is indeed neglected in reality. Farmers harvest the seed (containing the nut) and leave the apple to rot. Mature cashew apple only last for few days. It is not a regular eat. It is edible but only few bother. In case, those can only consume a few. The seed on the other hand is longer lasting and commands a high price.

I was wrong. The seed is indeed longer lasting, but, the nut inside may not if improperly stored. Ants can pierce through a soft seed part and haul away the nut. The storage trick is not shared though. There was a story about this rich merchant who hauled a lot of seed during fruiting season. Off season came when he planned selling. All of his haul was infested.

The idea about seed broiling fumes being bad to native chicken is true. I thought it was superstition. The thick seed coat has toxic sap causing skin burns. I think, during broiling, this toxic substance evaporates and the chickens are very sensitive to it.

The seeds are steamed before nut extraction. Not sure why. The lecture and demo were focused on use of cashew apple. I got more information by asking them. Steaming may have something to do with removal of toxin.

Cashew nuts are divided to two categories. The halves and the whole kernel. The first is extracted by means of the traditional tool “kalukati”. It is basically a knife which the end is fixed to a fulcrum. A more appropriate description is a nut cracker which one lever is a wedge. It breaks the seeds to halves including the nut. Then it is force off the seed with a pointed tool.

The whole kernel need a different tool. The contraption compose of two wedges just enough to cut through the seed coat without damaging the nut. One wedge is then twisted to break it open revealing the whole nut. Another operation follows. The removal of hard testa covering.

The cashew nuts maybe sold as raw, roasted or fried. Others are preparing cashew brittle, panutsa and butter spread.

Cashew apple, which was the highlight of lecture and demo, can be processed to wine, vinegar, jams, prunes and cookies. They are promoting such to help increase farmer’s income.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.