The Upland Kangkong, Ipomea reptans

Boiled kangkong with large shrimps is the best, boiled … with bangus is the next thing.

Kangkong is good for maintaining good eyesight. Each 100g contains 4000-10,000 IU of Vitamin A. Eating 200g a day is more than enough to fill the daily reni – see the reni guide for Filipinos.  Other nutrients are protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, iron and ascorbic acid.

It has a hollow succulent stem. It is use for treatment of severely wounded game fowl, those with damage digestive organs. The kangkong stem is used for reconnection of cut intestines. I am not a game fowl fan and have never been to cockpit. So I never know how it works.

Kangkong is type of vine. It crawls as it grows. It crawls on moist soil and able to float on water. Yesterday, uncle showed me another type. . It is narrow leaf variety, Ipomea reptans. Planted on moist soils and could only be harvested once. It grows upwards like the other shrubs. The other more popular variety is the aquatic kangkong, Ipomea aquatica. It has broad leaves and grow well on water.

ipomea reptans kangkong

The aquatic version can be propagated by means of seeds or stem cuttings. I think this upland type is grown using seeds. It is mentioned before that it can only be harvested once. Please enlighten me regarding this matter!

Though it is an upland kangkong, it still need everyday watering. Wilting is evident at the end of the day even if the plant is under shade.

He further said that many public market retailers are selling this variety.


Here are the two images of upland kangkong. The leaves and stems are almost the same as its counterpart. I never detect any noticeable taste difference too.

upland kangkong leaves

upland kangkong stems


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