The Insulin Plant

Insulin, hormone naturally produce by our body to regulate blood sugar level. Not too low and not too high either. It is released by specific organ whenever sugar or carbohydrate of any sort is taken in. Due to genetic reason and or unhealthy lifestyle, sometimes old age. The specific organ may fail to do its essential job. That is when the diabetic condition comes into play. I am not a medical practitioner so I know very little of this thing. However, I am pretty sure a lot of diabetic people need to take regular insulin maintenance and at the same time monitor their blood sugar level.

Popular natural maintenance is bitter gourd, the ampalaya. Some have learnt to eat it raw. I learnt it also after marriage. Cooked, not raw. It is simply too bitter for my taste buds. According to some testimonials, regular ampalaya intake combined with proper diet and regular exercise can keep blood sugar in check.

Insulin plant. I knew it immediately after hearing the words. It is something that can be taken as replacement to the original thing. Perhaps not the original name. People may have named if after finding out its desirable effects. If I say “insulin plant”, it is self explanatory. No need for lengthy explanations. Insisting it is effective usually suffice.

insulin plant

For the time being, the plant can be bought for 100 pesos a pot. Sure it will go lower as the number of cultivators rise. Only one pot is needed in most cases. It grows easily with minimal supervision. Let us say anyone can build his own insulin plant empire provided he has enough land area.

They say, not what I say. It is a good diabetic maintenance . Medical practitioners will surely argue with this. Any evidence that is not part of official clinical trials or surveys are purely hearsay. Alright! If they say so, then so be it!

There is no harm in trying this plant for a day or two. Chew two leaves leaves in the morning and two in the afternoon. Monitor your blood sugar level. You may continue or not depending on the result. You may still stop even if the result is promising. The choice is all in your hands.

I tried chewing a leaf. It was not bad. A sharp spicy and sweet taste that quickly dissipates. Then a lot of fibers with a faint grassy flavor.

Getting it in processed form is a good thing. Great way to introduce it to your friend, kids and relatives. There are rejections, usually, when unknown plant is presented to someone. It might be poisonous. Never taste good. It often goes away when it is processed and nicely packed.

insulin puree

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