Cow’s Milk Can Be As Nutritious As Breast Milk

Breast milk is still the best for babies up to two years of age. This still holds true today but may not be for tomorrow.

Every mom wants the best for their babies. They want to breastfeed  but sometimes not possible  due to following reasons:

1) Mother is a working girl. Needs to go office everyday. Breastfeeding is only possible from late noon to early morning. She can pump her milk during work hours and bring it home. The pumped milk should be fed to baby the same day, not fit for tomorrow. milk bottle

2) Mom produces very little amount of milk or no milk at all. Resorting to infant formula is the only option. Feeding cow’s milk is better than never taking anything.

The main ingredients of infant formula is cow’s milk. However, it is often criticized due to lack of nutrients needed by rapidly developing babies.  Ruminant hormones are feared to have significant effect on growing child. Toddlers hyperactivity is often blamed on drinking cow’s milk.

Professors at China Agricultural  University are able to produced cow’s milk that is closely similar to human milk. The purpose is to make it as nutritious as human’s. Who knows they might developed milk with properties better than human breast milk.

To produce human-like milk, human genes are introduced to 300 dairy cows. I thought humans should not be the subject of genetic engineering.

By accident, those cows might have brains more intelligent than ours. They are able to produce human-like milk, why not human-like brains. Scary!

On the good side, research results are very promising. The genetically engineered cows are able to produced milk with essential nutrient found in human milk. The milk contain lysozyme – the antimicrobial protein which protects very young babies.

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