First Encounter With The Honey Dew Melon

She went home with two melon like fruits. The size and shape are similar to melon except that its color is green instead of orange. The inside appearance and texture of the fruit is also similar to melon but the color is green.

She said they have been from demonstration farm, one of their projects. The farm owner gave some fruits to them.

The fruit is a honey dew melon. The fruit is sweet by its name, “honey” the sweet liquid produced by honeybee. Melons are sweet by nature. But I was disappointed when I took a slice. The soft green flesh taste blunt. I never tasted the expected sweetness.

honey dew melon

She said that honey dew melon is really sweet. The melon vine died unexpectedly so the farmer harvested the fruit earlier. The fruits have not reached their full maturity.

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