Frozen Cashew Nuts

When I was in Palawan, I bought several packs of cashew nuts for two reasons. As pasalubong and for use in our chocolate experiment. Half of it served the first purpose. Relatives and friends who received were happy. Where could we get such expensive nuts for free in our modern time. Almost everything should be paid for.

Another quarter also did. We used it for flavour trials, special giveaways and promotions.

The last quarter ended up in our own tummy. I deemed it not suitable as chocolate inclusion before the end of our first try. Trial last for about six months to a year because it includes shelf life approximation.

The crunchy cashew nuts became soft. The taste was still good but the soft texture decrease the original flavor impression to almost half.

I packed the remaining nuts in thick and sealed plastic. However it was not enough to preserve freshness. Vacuum packing could have done better protection. Freezing may also do the trick.

A recent post of Melissa Kirsch from proved the freezing method useful. I know it has long been proven for many commodities but she had additional finding. Frozen cashew nuts right from the fridge is better.

We didn’t see this everyday but I am open to the idea. Ice cream is naturally cold but spaghetti is not. Yet I am eating both cold. I and my colleagues were usually eating cold pizza. We were putting the leftover in fridge for later. Think about this! Reheating changes the flavor while cooling preserves it.

I have a tentative trip to Palawan. I gonna buy and try the frozen cashew nuts.


update after few days…

frozen cashew nuts

I found two packs of cashew nuts in food bin beside the refrigerator. All along I thought we consumed it all. Other packs that we ate were not crunchy already. These two for sure are in the same situation.

The article that I read might help restoring it back to its original. I mean the crunchiness from the very day we bought it.

I threw them inside freezer and patiently wait for two days.

This is it. Time for judgement.

It has a crunch now. However, not the way that I wanted it to be. Base on rating of 1 to 10, my score would be 5.

The article was talking about maintaining the freshness. Not restoration. It helped anyway!

Nut losses its crisp when absorbed appreciable amount of moisture. Freezer freezes it resulting to a more crisp texture. When a fresh nut is put inside the freezer. The machine does not only harden the residual moisture. It also prevents it from coming into food.


The second pack stayed in freezer for another two weeks. After that,  the it has blend of disgusting odors. What do else I expect? It is a freezer built inside our home refrigerator. We are storing whatever we need to keep frozen in it. Turning the thermostat control up and down as needed. Higher during public market days and lower after few days.

I can barely perceived anything from the nut itself. I need to place it closer my nose to detect the repulsive smell. Thermostat setting was low, the time I got it. It gone back to its normal non-crispy texture.

I have a cold today.

The remaining nuts were mixed with the vegetable salad.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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