While in the hospital | Food for us and for our baby

Hospital is the most boring place to stay for me. Spending the whole day tending to patient, killing time, walking on isle and sleeping uncomfortably on long chair.

We spent days in hospital, from August 24 to 26. It was not because I was sick or someone else was sick. I was there together with my mother-in-law, my wife and our newborn baby. She gave birth to a baby girl via caesarean operation. A 43k plus expenditures less PhilHealth benefits.

The new baby girl made us very happy but the room ambiance was still boring. Never mind the non-stop cable tv.

What we ate while spending the three boring days.

The regular food ration. A 1/4 cup rice, a soup with one piece pork and two pieces okra and a finger of latundan banana. The ration was for my wife but she was not allowed to eat or drink anything for two days. The ration was too little and was not even enough for mother-in-law.

food ration

SkyFlakes biscuits. We brought it as part of luggage. As ready snack to satisfy hunger. It was the first food she ate two days after the caesarean operation.

No-cook cup noodles. We brought six canisters. I bought five extras on the second day. We were taking hot noodles instead of coffee. The doctor also allowed her to eat noodles after two days. More nutritious soup was recommended however.

lucky me supreme cup noodles

Lemon Square Cupcake. Eating flat tasting biscuits was sometime boring. I bought cupcakes as alternate.

Assorted viands and rice from karinderya. I was occasionally buying food from nearby food stall. Obviously the hospital food ration could not even satisfy a single person’s hunger.

The food for our baby.

The hospital management told us that they never allow any commercial milk formula for infant. Breast milk is the best for baby. However, she has the history of having very little breast milk. I told the nurses about it several times but still never allowed us to buy any baby milk.

The baby was delivered 2 pm and had never gotten any breast milk at 6 pm. The baby was already crying and probably crying due to hunger. I went outside and bought S26 and Absolute distilled water without the hospital permission.

I almost yelled at nurse when I found out that permission to feed commercial milk was granted but they wanted Enfalac and Wilkins combinations. They were asking me to go outside again and bought the specific brands.

It was getting late. I am receiving rumors that it is dangerous going out late at night. Our baby was hungry and needed milk badly. I never went outside again. They agreed to feed what I bought earlier maybe because I was getting angry.

She was able to breastfeed the day after.

We went home on the third day, around 5 pm. The doctor wanted us to spent one more day. We signed a waiver “home against medical advice”. Our bill was already 43 thousand pesos. Spending an extra day might deplete our cash reserve.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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