The First Taste Impression of Guso Seaweeds

She have a lot or work to do and unable to go market. She asked mom to buy her some mussels, lato seaweeds and daing na isda. Lato seaweeds taste awesome. We often buy every Saturday market.

Unfortunately, mom was unable to buy lato. She went through the whole wet market section and never found any. She bought the guso seaweed instead, the spinosum variety. The seaweed variety looks like a dried tree branches.

I have been wondering how it taste like for some time but my wife always refuse to buy. She insist she have never tasted it before.

guso seaweeds

Now, I will have the chance to know how it taste like. I cut a small branch and wash it under running water. I am afraid that it might start to spoil if I washed the whole package – like what happened to lato seaweeds.

This weed is sturdier and crunchier – just like what Dennis said. The surface is slimy and often slips from my fingers.

I was unable to swallow it. The smell is very stinky / malansa – having a stench smell and taste of fish. Sorry for that!

Night time, she washed the seaweeds. She prepared a lukewarm water with crushed ginger. It will help remove the stinky smell. She soaked the weeds in solution for few minutes. Then garnished with sliced red tomatoes and mayonnaise.

The ginger technique worked. It removed the stinky flavor. I was able to eat few branches with mayonnaise and red tomatoes. Only few branches cause I can still sense the stinky aftertaste.

Maybe I should buy alamang and rare ripe mango together with guso seaweeds (based on Dennis suggestions).

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

3 Replies to “The First Taste Impression of Guso Seaweeds”

  1. Nice to hear you have tried it. That was also my first reaction when I first tasted guso salad. It taste like seawater at malansa if you just put it under running water before preparing and eat it. Actually the technique for that is to BLANCHED IT QUICKLY & not too long cause it will make the guso very slimy (maglalaway-laway) and destroys the very essence to a crunchy salad. And You have done also right to really add ginger, tomatoes, onions and of course a little alamang and manibalang na mangga. This goes perfectly with fried dishes.Hope you will enjoy it the second time around.

    I really have this in our meal everyweekends when everybody is present.

  2. btw po the guso, spinopsum variety, does not become slimy or watery kahit na nakababad sa tubig. This type of seaweeds are the type that are made for “carageenan”.

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