Fallen Tamarind are Fully Ripe and Best Tasting!

My uncle asked me if I want to go with him to his farm. The purpose was to get some tamarind. I want to eat some sweet tamarind I said yes without a doubt.

He want a company because he is afraid to climb the tamarind tree. The ferocious bees frequently resides the tree. Bee sting while climbing might send someone down the ground instantly, with broken bones, wounds and bruises. Besides, my uncle is to heavy to climb. He looks like a nine-months pregnant women.

When we arrived at the tree, lots of ripe tamarind were on the ground. Most of fallen tamarind are still good.
I climbed the tree not pick tamarind but just to shake the branches and gather the fallen fruits.

Why are we after the fallen tamarind?
1) Its hard to pick them one by one. Ripe tamarind have shrank flesh leaving the shell not deformed. This creates a hollow space. Ripe fruits can be determined by tapping with fingernails. Color never changes as the fruit ripens.
2) Using a hooked basket with extender pole may do the job but this will also get the unripe fruits.
3) Ripe fruits have brittle stalks. Shaking the branches will cause them to drop.
4) Last and ultimate purpose. Fully ripe tamarind and best tasting. Fully ripe tamarind are those that fall easily when the branches are shaken.

ripe fallen tamarind on ground

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