Using Dried Ginger For Tea Preparation

I got a piece of ginger, about the size of my combined middle finger and point finger. If I were going to boil it, it should be enough for four cups.


I washed it a bit and shredded on a stainless steel shredder. The skin contains ginger flavor too so I never removed it. My original plan was to cut it thinly with a knife but I saw the shredder and thought it would do the job better and faster. It did. I spent less than 30 seconds converting the ginger to pieces.

shredding ginger

Drying time. I arranged it on aluminum tray and placed under the sun. It took two days cause the sun barely shined on the first day.

ginger shreds on drying pan

I said earlier that the ginger I used was good to make four cups of tea. I divided it to four and took one part for the tea test.

dried ginger in measuring spoon
I got a cup of water and brought it to boil. Then poured it immediately in cup with dried ginger. Let it stood for three minutes and took a sip. Three minutes steeping time was not enough so I waited for another two minutes. Still not enough. I waited again, five minutes for a total of ten minutes waiting time. At last, ten minutes was good enough. Besides, I never wanted to wait longer. Tea is best while hot. I filtered off the ginger shreds and collected the tea into another cup.

Yeah! Ginger in tea bag is a nice idea. I never used tea bags though.  Ten minutes steeping time is not quite long. I enjoyed the nice ginger aroma and felt the hot-methol like flavor running down to my stomach. It is far better than instant ginger tea but slightly inferior compared to fresh boiled ginger.

Update as of May 22, 2012. Fresh shredded ginger can be air dried for two to three days. No need to wait for extreme sun’s heat.

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