Cracker From Fish Skin

Somebody got sued for their snack containing a small fried lizard. Well! Accidents happen. Preventive measures can be exercised, but, as always. Not 100% foolproof. There will always be rejects no matter how rigorous the quality control process is. A small sample size which passed the QA Team does not mean the rest are all good. Sorry for the manufacturer if the err product falls to the wrong hand. It will be reported to regulatory agency, news team or posted in social media site and become trending. The news is not really about the product itself but the company who carry it.

So I am interested with what they are making. It is coated and fried fish skin. Fish skin cracker. Relyenong bangus is making good use of skin. It is thick and strong enough as casing of shredded fish meat mixture. Most of the time, it is wasted. Even the relyeno case is just thrown after.

We choose not to because of very simple reasoning. The flavor is not good enough. We take no effort making it better. I usually eat the whole thing. I hate seeing food being dump. If I can only get theirs on their plate! Nothing is wrong with it but it is unethical. Restos choose to dump them or secretly sell to pag pag retailers.

Pag pag is the local coined term for restaurants leftover, sorted and being resold to patrons. Buyers often knows what they are getting. They are cheap and perhaps safe. Crossing their fingers.

The company is surely not getting the fish skins from these leftovers. Rather, they are remnants of large scale processing operations. E.g. Fish fillet and tuna.

At home. After a meal, the skins can be sorted out. Then re-cooked to a better tasting dish. You know what I i mean. When we were kids. We were doing it in one single go. Frying it longer so the whole thing inside and out was crunchy. Yes, we associate crispiness to good flavor. Plain crispy potatoes are okay. Barbecue and garlic flavor with no snap are bad

We are sure creative. Findings ways to make good use of skin stuffs. Skin of furry animals are use as coats. Vicious or not, does not matter. They should be afraid of us. Not the other way around. Cow, horse, crocodile and snake for leathers. Pig skin for chicharon or cooked together with the meat.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.