Getting The Coffee Cascara

I almost forgot this. The coffee husk. Now popularly of known as cascara. I am intrigued how they are making good drink out of this supposed waste product. The thing that is usually converted to fertilizer and charcoal.

coffee cascara

The first time I read about chocolate makers brewing tea using cocoa shells. I tried it as soon as I got hold of fresh shells. I didn’t liked the flavor so I disregard the idea. Community threads against it halted me even more.

Cocoa beans once improperly processed might contain significant amount of ochratoxin – carcinogen. It might also have appreciable quantity of heavy metals. Specially cadmium when cacao came from volcanic land.

It seems many people like it. Dandelion Chocolate broke the hurdles. They are serving prepared beverages out of cocoa shells. They are making sure that every batch served is safe. Certificate of analysis is provided every time.

I closed my door while they keep theirs open. I should have continued the tests and worry about the safety later. Before serving it to masses.

I will continue working with cocoa shells. For the time being, I gonna experiment with coffee cascara first.

Marvin is the lead chocolate maker of Ben and Lyn Chocolate Inc. Has strong background in food research and development. Occasionally conducts training and lectures. Lecturer of Cocoa Foundation of the Philippines. Do coaching and consultancy services on his free time.

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