Why Cashew Causes Mouth And Throat Irritation?

She bought some cashew from public market. She placed it in refrigerator and kept it there for several days. Hmm… she bought something just for cold storage.

kasoy cashew

I removed it from refrigerator and checked its condition.The smell is very fragrant, it seems inviting me for a bite. The skin has some soft spot but I was sure it is still okay. Cashew has a soft delicate skin which make it hard to transport.

Most of the cashew fruits in our province end up as organic fertilizer for the tree itself. Farmers never want to sell it. Fruits appearance are not pleasing before reaching the marketplace. Who will buy a bad looking commodity?

I took one and cut off the part on which the stalk used to attached, the tampok in tagalog. That part is known to cause mouth irritation. They said it contain latex.

The tampok was already cut off but it still causes mouth and throat irritation. The feeling is very irritating. Mouth dryness and seem a thousand of needles are gently piercing my mouth and throat. It is like am gonna loose my voice. Eating the sweet fruit is very enjoyable however. I will eat every piece of it.

Why cashew causes mouth and throat irritation? Is it because of latex?

Cashew nut covering contain anacardic acid. The chemical is a very potent skin irritant. Father always remind us not to roast any cashew seeds cause it will make chickens sick, colds. The chemicals might also be present in cashew apple. The levels might be high enough to cause mouth and throat irritation.

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