A Product Similar to Inuyat? The Buri Palm Jam

From Pangasinan with love. A product similar to inuyat/ginaok of Batangas. My wife said it is indeed similar. A viscous, brown and sweet liquid concentrated from buri palm sap. It has a close resemblance to sugar palm syrup but it is way thicker and darker.

buri palm jam

Inuyat is made of sugarcane juice. Boiled to evaporate water and achieved a very thick consistency. Processors are packing it in empty milk cans. Eating is done by winding it around a spoon and licking like a lollipop. It can sweeten hot beverages like coffee and tea but cannot be used as sandwich spread.

With my experience with sugar palm sap, the kaong syrup and sugar, a sap when concentrated to this consistency will become granulated sugar. If partial simultaneous alcohol and vinegar fermentation occurred, then granulation is impossible. It will get more viscous but will never crystallize.

Sensory observations:

It smells sweet, alcoholic and sour, a rough combination of three flavors. The taste sensation is the same.

Scooping the ginaok with a spoon is hard, it bends spoon. However, scooping this was so easy, effortless.

Ginaok is viscous that it is able to hold it shape for more than 10 seconds. On the other hand, this is only as thick as regular chicken gravy.

I felt some sugar crystals. Maybe the manufacturer added some commercial white sugar to cold product in attempt to add volume.

The product can be eaten as is, as sandwich spread or mixed with steamed rice. I got two Grahams crackers and placed some in the middle. The taste blended well. It tasted great. I never tried it on rice. I can’t imagine myself eating rice with this sticky sweet thing.

grahams cracker with buri palm jam

I never know its native name. I call it Buri Palm Jam.

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