The Squash-Enriched Binagol and the Pili Nut Buding

Squash-Enriched Binagol

A native delicacy packed in coconut shell cup, covered with heated banana leaves and tied around with a cotton string.

binagol frontbinagol back coconut shellI was clueless. I never know what was inside yet.

A product of Eastern Visayas State University, EVSU.

Refrigerate for longer shelf life. No expiry date indicated and I cannot guess it either. Non declaration is common on native foods. They are made for immediate consumption so an expiry date may not be significant.

I thought I need a scissors to get rid of cobweb like string. I tried pulling the ribbon tie and it went of easily – just like an easy open can.

A yellowish mass appeared after removing the banana leaf. The yellow color might be due to addition of squash. The taste was very similar to suman sa gata, sweetened and  with a kick of squash flavor. Perhaps a mixture of glutenous rice flour, sugar, coconut milk and squash.

binagol yellowishBuding

I thought it was puding. Buding and puding sounds the same.

Puding is our local term for maja blanca made of milled red corn.

Buding is a product of Sorsogon State University.

pili nut buding with tag priceCost only 100 pesos. Packed in microwave oven safe polypropylene canister sealed with scotch tape. Microwave before opening if want it hot.

Has a pretty impressive shelf life. Current date = May 15, 2012. Never know when it was manufactured. Expiry date = November 2013 – if my interpretation was right.

It’s a pili nut product. The ingredients are pili nuts, milk, sugar and eggs.

A package contains eight budings wrapped in a wax paper.

two rows of budingTasted like an egg pie. Perhaps a crunchier version of egg pie with a strong latik taste and a mild pili nut flavor.

Latik are fried coconut milk solids. Gathered after boiling the coconut milk to evaporate water and retain the oil.

Egg pie is very delicious and this buding is very delicious too. My wife reserved five pieces for her.

eating buding

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