The Story of Boneless Bagoong

It was lunch time again. The only food left in the kitchen was the old cooked rice, bahaw. There was no viand. I felt to lazy and I never wanted to cook anything.

I saw a bottle of catsup near the gas stove. But the content is not catsup. The color is brown. Perhaps it was Mang Tomas sauce. The sauce and bahaw na kanin are enough for me. I grabbed the bottle and discovered it is bagoong, JP Boneless Bagoong. I was wrong but not disappointed. I can eat rice and soy sauce and I can also eat rice with bagoong. Bagoong has a disagreeable odor but has an awesome salty taste.

jp boneless bagoong

I finished up three servings of rice with just bagoong and alamang. I get bagoong from mother’s house.

I first encountered the bagoong when I was a kid. I can’t remember who gave it. This bagoong gave me the bad impression. The taste and odor were both disagreeable. Plus I was really disappointed to fish bones. Yeah, the fish bones were really included in the package. The look was very disgusting.

I have been to Pangasinan twice. My wife’s parents live there. She always buy bagoong before going back here in Cavite. She is choosing the boneless. She was the one who insisted me to try bagoong again. I tried and liked how it taste. The taste was very different from before. She claimed that Pangasinan is the home for best bagoong.

While eating with bagoong, I remembered another story. This was told by my former teacher. They had a field visit to bagoong factory. Her experience made her not to eat bagoong for her entire life. She stated, the fish were in a large vat then workers with boots were intentionally walking on it. Yes, workers were using feet to mash the fish. It was obvious the workers sweat were falling freely to food.

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