Preparing Three Teas with a Single Tea Bag

She got a mug, place a teabag in, then poured a recently boiled water. She sat and began her tedious paper works. She was taking a sip of tea every two to three minutes interval. My senses was able to capture the enticing aroma from afar. It was running down through my body and seemed inviting me to join the tea session. After a while, the cup was empty. She got the cover and placed it on. It was obvious that she never wanted any dirt to enter into her beautiful and lovely cup.

Break time. She prepared another hot tea, but she never got a new tea bag. She just poured hot water in cup she used earlier, the same tea bag.

After few days, I noticed that her habit is to bring two tea bags everyday. Drinks tea two to four times a day. Steeps a single tea bag twice. She steeps it thrice in case she has only one tea.

A tea  should be steeped once for best results. The same is true with coffee. It should only be brewed once. A drastic degradation of characteristics is expected on consecutive preparations. However, steeping or brewing more than once will do no harm. No one will ever get punished. I also steep a single tea bag twice. The first two extracts are quite enjoyable…

The first preparation. It was half full cause I already drank the other half.

tea first steeping

The second preparation. Faded color means less tea flavor.

tea second steeping

The third preparation. I’d rather drink ice cold water.

tea 3rd steeping


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