How Moisture Analyzer Works

A moisture analyzer. Buy it and it will do the bulk of moisture analysis task for you. Several years ago, this one was acquired for over 100,000 pesos.

sartorius moisture analyzer

Do you find it expensive? May it is several thousands cheaper now!

The manual oven moisture analysis is done by: 1) Drying/taring the crucibles/moisture cans. 2) Weighing and recording each container weight. 3) Adding measured amount , e.g. 5 grams, to tared crucible. 4) Heating at 100 °C for one hour. 5) Reweighing sample. 6) Repeat heating for 15 minutes and re-weighing again until the difference between measurements is about 0.0001 g. and. 7) Compute for the percent moisture loss.

I have done moisture analysis so many times. The hard part is getting the 0.001 to 0.0001 g difference between weighing. It is hard cause the sample and container absorb moisture from air quickly after taking out from oven. Precision of analytical balance is of another issue. Weighing the same sample at few seconds interval give different results.

moisture analyzer showing the heating element and balance pan

Moisture analyzer is different. It is expensive but it makes the analysis easier. Easy procedures are as follows: 1) Place the aluminum pan on built-in weighing scale. 2) Add approximate sample weight. 3) Press “go”. 4) Wait approximately 15 minutes and read the percent moisture content on LCD screen.

How moisture analyzer works?

The machine automatically weighs the sample as it is place on the aluminum pan. Heat the sample at 100 °C. Monitor the percent lost moisture and continue heating until there is no significant loss detected. Then compute the percent moisture content for the lazy you.



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