The Stability of Annatto Color Under Normal Condition

These are the annatto seeds I gathered from a bunch of native atsuete fruits, about ten fruits. The seeds are not in good condition, some seeds are already black.  I got the fruits from the abandoned atsuete tree. I guessed it has stayed on tree for a long period. Environmental factors such as sun and rain turned the seeds to these.

annatto seeds on cup

These might not fit for cooking purposes but it can still serve well for my experiment.

The popular coloring for catsup is the catsup red, allura red or the combination of strawberry red and egg yellow. I never say they are unsafe, but synthetic.

I want to know how long the annatto color will last. Will it last for one day, one week, one month, one year or more? I gonna use it for catsup processing if it last for at least six months.

I boiled the atsuete seeds in small amount of water until it became tinted. The water became color orange. I removed it from fire and transfer the colored liquid in a tightly capped jar. Then I stored it in ambient temperature for observation.

prominent orange annatto color to be continued…
update as of august 8, 2011

A significant color changed was noticeable after storage in ambient condition.

faded annatto color

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