Make your own salted eggs, Itlog na pula or itlog na maalat.

Salted eggs are very common to us Filipinos especially to class C and D families.  I usually buy itlog na pula for my ulam . Its affordable and easy to prepare for meal. I just cut the egg into halves, scoop it with spoon and voila! I have my instant ulam.
If you want to make your own salted eggs , maybe you can do! The steps are easy. Go to your nearest store and buy some duck eggs. Chicken eggs will do but duck eggs is more delicious . Its only my opinion.


Prepare a 1 is to 1 mixture of clay and salt. Add water gradually until it become very sticky.  Coat your eggs with the sticky mixture and arrange them in clay jar or any suitable container.


Prepare a  1 is to 2  mixture of  water and salt. Cool. Submerge eggs in brine solution. Prevent the eggs from floating a bag of water on top.

Regardless of the method you use . Let your eggs stand for 12 days and try if the saltiness is enough. Let stand longer if saltier eggs are desired.  Coat with food grade red dye.

Flavored salted eggs can be achieved by adding wine, herbs, pepper and other flavorings to your clay or brine mixture.

If your your are planning to mass produce your salted eggs. An instrument called salinometer will be of great help. A salinometer is use to test the level of salt  of your salted eggs. FOODRECAP.NET


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